Today’s Reading: Revelation 9:1-21 (additional reading: Psalm 137:1-9 & Proverbs 30:10)

Today’s reading reminds us of how horrible it will be for those who are unsaved. It really helps us get an appreciation for what salvation is. 

I don’t know about you, but for most life in Western world in 2019 is looks pretty good. We are warm in the winter, cool in the summer, dry when it rains, fed when we’re hungry, if we even know what hunger is. We decide we want something (within reason), and we can usually save up, go out and get it. Sure we have some tragedies in our lives, but for the most part, we are comfortable.

We have much to be thankful for, but isn’t it true that it takes very little for us to start complaining, to be ungrateful, to be bitter toward others. We don’t have to deny that we are in pain sometimes, that we are disappointed sometimes,

There’s another great word in Scripture and clearly God doesn’t like it – grumbling. 1 Co 10:10 Do not grumble as some of them did and were destroyed by the Destroyer. James 5:9 Do not grumble against one another, so that you may not be judged; behold the Judge is standing at the door.

Next time you are feeling like life is hard, like you don’t have what you want, that life has dealt you a severe blow and God has abandoned you. Think of our passage today and be grateful that the sun shines, the moon glows, the stars are still in the sky, scorpions are not stinging you, you have water to drink, and most of all that when all we read about today comes to be, because of the incredible grace of our God, by believing in him we have eternal life.

Instead of getting down, allow those hard days to encourage you to reach out with the gospel, because a MUCH worst day is coming for those who are not found in Christ.

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