Today’s ReadingLuke 2:1-35 (additional reading: Psalm 59:1-17 & Proverbs 11:14)

Have you ever been so enthused about something unusual that you had to tell someone? an amazing sunset, a colourful hot air balloon, a double rainbow or something cute your pet was doing? Do we get so excited about something God is doing that we tell someone, “You’ve gotta see this”?

Now, have you ever been irritated with someone who too often says, “Come here. You’ve gotta see this?” You don’t want to. You’re busy with a project you want to finish. Or you’re comfortable in your recliner. Or you’re just sceptical that it’s worth going out of your way to see.

Is this the way you’ve responded to God’s activity – to Jesus? Are you missing the opportunity of lifetime? Are you missing the opportunity of eternity? Why do people miss the presence and grace of Christ?

Proud people have trouble with such a humble Saviour. The births of princes are surrounded by ceremony, celebration, lavish splendour. The birth of Agustus was announced as “Good News” and he was heralded as a “saviour”. He ruled the Roman empire for 44 years, until 14 A.D. He ended the civil wars and reigned during unprecedented outward calm.

Epictitus, the 1st century philosopher wrote of him: “While the emperor may give peace from war on land and sea, he is unable to give peace from suffering, grief and envy. He cannot give peace of heart, for which man yearns more than even for outward peace.” Unfortunately Epictitus did not have the answer either.

No one was more important than Caesar. But “it was this baby in a rural Judean village that brought angels into the visible realm to announce his arrival among men” (source unknown).

Many people don’t want such common-place simplicity. Are you turned off by a redemptive story in which the key players include a peasant couple with smelly shepherds in a smelly stable?

Other times maybe people are afraid to get very close to the Divine because that will require some things they can’t give.“I can’t hope to measure up.” Maybe it’s because of the guilt they feel. We could list 100 reasons here that people give, but don’t pay attention to them. YOU’VE GOT TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!

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