Today’s Reading: Mark 1:29-2:12 (additional reading: Psalm 35:17-28 & Proverbs 9:13-18 )

A lot of the problems I face in life, especially the bigger ones, often aren’t solvable on my own. Not only do I need God’s help but I also need the help of a team of friends. God didn’t create me to go through life alone and try to do everything by myself. I was intentionally designed to work together with others to get important things done.

We’re going to look at this story today from the perspective of the man on the mat – the paralyzed guy who had four friends who were determined to get their buddy to Jesus so that he could be healed.

I want you to see this story today from the perspective of that hurting person. I want you to view it from the hurts in your life and in the lives of those you love and I want you to see that Jesus offers healing, hope, and help! Picture yourself on a stretcher being carried to Jesus by others.

This is a fabulous story but don’t just read it without applying the Word of God to your own life. God wants to deal with some big problems in your life. He wants to help you solve them! But He has chosen not to address some of them without your willingness to allow teamwork to play a role in helping solve those problems.

Teamwork can break the hold that paralysis has on you. The man on the mat was paralysed. I can’t imagine how tough that was. Everyone of us wants to be able to do as much stuff for ourselves as we can but for this man life was all about depending upon the help of others. But this man is not alone in his helplessness. Some of us are paralysed too. We may not suffer physical paralysis but we’re paralysed nonetheless. Some of us are spiritually paralysed. We haven’t made any significant spiritual advancement in a long time because we feel helpless and we have come to the wrong conclusion that there’s no use trying anymore.

For others of us, our relationships may be paralysed. Some of you suffer from paralysed emotions. Some of you can’t move because fear has you paralysed, or a lack of knowing what to do has you feeling helpless and hopeless. Others of us are paralysed by bad habits.

This man couldn’t walk to Jesus in his own power. There was no way in the world that he was going to get to Jesus ON HIS OWN. His problem was too big for him to solve unless a team of people who loved him came to his rescue. Someone had to help him.

Some times we are the people in need of help from others. If you have a problem, look around, who can help you? But also some times we are the people who have to go to our friends, pick them up and carry them to Jesus.

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