Today’s Reading: Acts 10:1-23 

Just think for a moment. If you were to give up control of your own plans for even just an hour, where might the Holy Spirit of God send you? How many of your “accidental” encounters with other people are really divinely ordained? It can become easy for us, who are accustomed to the Church, to take for granted that those on the outside already “know” what we are about but many, many people don’t understand.

Many folks see us as a foreign breed, and as a people who speak another language of which they have no understanding. They don’t know that the Church is not only a welcoming place, but a place that exists for them.

Research experts tell us we communicate only 7% with our words, 35% with our tone of voice and 58% with our actions.

Peter knew that it was easy to say the right things but difficult to live them out – especially with a visit to the house of a Gentile – Roman centurion. Peter’s visit to the house of Cornelius communicated more than a thousand sermons and with much greater effects.

The apostle’s visit to the house of Cornelius sent ripples of acceptance, love and spiritual empowerment to most of the Gentile world.

Peter’s presence meant that the truth of the gospel was about to overcome difficult social, political and religious barriers. According to Jewish law, Peter was prohibited from entering into a home of a Gentile. Peter’s visit took great courage, faith and obedience. Healing could now begin because of one single person’s willingness to prove Christ’s love through a visit. It can also happen in your lives this week.

Never underestimate the power of a loving word, a kind note, a phone call, an email or a word of appreciation.  Few people realize how important it is to love not just in word, but in deed and in truth.

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