Today’s ReadingEzekiel 29:1-30:26 (additional reading: Psalm 112:1-10 & Proverbs 27:17)

You know if you hang around bad people you will take the same fall as being an accomplish to the crime. Even though you might not have pulled the trigger, you still receive the same punishment. Other countries had signed agreements with Egypt to assist her if attacked by the Babylonians. The God of all the earth had spoken through His prophets that the nation of Babylon was His agent in bringing about His Judgment on Israel. Anyone who interfered in their actions was going against the Holy Judge. Migdol is a city in the north and Sevench is a city in the south. Other words, the whole land will be laid desolate from the north to the south throughout the whole land.

Have you ever watched on TV the fires that sweep through and area? The fire engulfs everything in its path. Whole cities are destroyed. God describes this scene as though a fire was started in Egypt and spread and consumed all these other countries.

The messengers are the Babylonians who also travel by ship on the Nile River to Cush. There the Sudan had just sent mercenaries to fight with Egypt. They never expected the tables to be turned on them [careless]. They never expected to see a whole bunch of marines from Babylon. [to make the careless Cush afraid].Needless to say they were not ready for an invasion.

Imagine watching a war movie. When an enemy sweeps through the land – the invaders take livestock and valuable items away. Innocent citizens are brutally treated and slaughtered. Nothing is respected. Evil runs rampant until it is satisfied with total destruction. This is the path of sinful man if left to himself without a Holy God who refrains mankind from killing off every good on the planet.

God was reminding the people, no matter how big the empire was, He was still in control. If God Is for you, no one can stand against you. The battle is already won. It is just a matter of you going through the motions. How quickly do we forget. History not learned will be repeated. Throughout the centuries the nations have come and nations have gone but our Lord remains forever.

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