Today’s Reading: Matthew 10:1-23 (additional reading: Psalm 12:1-8 & Proverbs 3:13-15)

In today’s passage of Scripture Jesus sent His disciples out on a mission and there are some valuable lessons that we can learn to accomplish the mission that Jesus has left for us.  Firstly, the disciples had to know what it was that they were supposed to accomplish.  Do you know what you have to accomplish?

It is expected that all who are Christ’s disciples will be engaged in some type of evangelism ministry. The function of a shepherd is to seek and to save those who are lost. Disciples of Christ will do research, plan and carry out evangelism first in their Jerusalem, then their Judeas, then their Samarias and even to the utter most parts of the earth to help reach all 18,800 people groups on the planet. (Acts 1:8) Jesus assumes that as Christians we will be going to seek to bring the lost back to reconciliation with the Chief Shepherd. Disciples who are not involved with evangelism are living in disobedience to the Lord. Worse yet, disciples who are not doing evangelism are not living in harmony with their identity as Christ’s followers. Jesus said, “For even the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” (Luke 19:10) Evangelism is not an option for a disciple of Christ Jesus. Let us be decisive, determined and directed about evangelism ministries.

I wonder what would happen if God’s people everywhere would take this task seriously. Jesus said, “Heal the sick, raise the dead, and cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons.” (Matt. 10:8) Christ teaches us that we are to meet physical, emotional, mental, social, cultural and spiritual needs of people we are ministering too. Jack Kemp, the former congressman from New York, once told Larry King on a CNN interview, “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Once Napoleon told his soldiers to plant trees along the streets of Paris so they would provide shade for his troops. A top lieutenant said, “It may take twenty five years before those seeds come to full fruition. Napoleon paused and said, “Well, start now, no sense waiting any longer.” We need to begin where we are at, right now in sowing seeds of kindness to meet the needs of the people we are ministering too.

Missionaries in Africa are now reaping a great harvest of new souls because the pioneers set up hospitals, schools and leprosariums to meet the needs of the whole person in many of the 54 countries of the African continent. Around 1800 there were less than 10 million true Christians in Africa, today there are over 400 million out of the 800 million in Africa because of the seeds of love sown by the early missionaries.  Think of how your commintiy will be transformed tomorrow because of your actions today. It’s time to start fulfilling our mission.

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