Today’s Reading: Nehemiah 3:15-5:13 (additional reading: Psalm 32:1-11 and Proverbs 21:5-7)

At first glance, Nehemiah chapter 3 can look a bit dry. One commentator refers to it as a “colorless memorandum of assignments.” It reads much like the book of 1 Chronicles with its long lists of names that are difficult to pronounce, information that seems redundant, and a chronology that seems meaningless.

But Chapter 3 reveals Nehemiah’s extraordinary gift of administration and organization. He was able to mobilize and empower 44 separate groups of people for the ingenious task of rebuilding the walls. This no doubt came about because of his careful assessment of the need during his moonlit reconnaissance mission in 2:13-16. Now getting all these people to work together is no easy task. How is your people management? Or even how well do you work with others?

This passage shows how people working together can accomplish more than if just one person tried to do all the work. Underline in today’s text every time you see the following phrases: “next to him,” “next to them,” “after him,” and “after them.” These expressions are recorded 28 times in this chapter! The biblical principle is this: every person is to be involved in ministry because everyone has a job to do.

It’s hard to find the right job, isn’t it? Some of you are doing exactly what you need to be doing ¬ both in your career and in kingdom work. Others of you are struggling to find your niche.

Nehemiah was able to build his team around a central rallying point. He pointed them to the purpose of the work the glory of God. They weren’t just working on walls, they were worshipping their worthy God.

The purpose of all ministry, and really of life itself is the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31 puts it succinctly: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”


Do you find it easy to work with other? (inside and outside of the church)
How can you encourage others in ministry?


Father, Thank You for giving us a place to serve in the Kingdom. Help us to be faithful and encourage others in their role. Help us to work together for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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