Today’s Reading: Ezekiel 23:1-49 (additional reading: Psalm 109:1-31 & Proverbs 27:13)

There has never been a period in history where we as sinful people were worthy of God’s Love. The bible says this in the book of Romans chapter 5:8 “ But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”. Our Great and Wonderful Father was merciful and gracious to them and to us by paying the ultimate price for our redemption.

The mother in this chapter is Israel. The two daughters are the principal cities of Israel – Samaria [The Northern Kingdom] and Jerusalem [The Southern Kingdom]. Here God took care of them and made sure they were separate from the World. However, although God went to every length to keep them separate from blending into the world’s kingdom, the Israelites started to assimilate into the world’s ways. They began to participate in the pagan culture, which included accepting pagan religious practices. By joining in these religious experiences the Jews not only fell into slavery but into degradation.

The name Oholah means ‘Her own tent.’ The Northern Kingdom started their own form of religious worship. The other sister listed in chapter 23 of Ezekiel was Oholiah, which means ‘My tent is in her’. Israel or the Northern Kingdom gave tribute to the Assyrians.

Think with me for a second regarding God’s love and long-suffering. Throughout its existence, Israel has never had a long period of pure love for its God. Starting in its conception as a nation while in Egypt, through God’s guidance in the Wilderness, and finally upon entering and living in our Wonderful Lord’s Promised Land, the people had consistently preferred to worship the pagan gods of the other nations.

Now stop and evaluate for yourselves. Do your own inventory. Where are you now in your walk with our Holy God? Was there any time in the past that you enjoyed the life of peace and joy? 

The Israelites as mentioned, had consistently turned to idolatry. Let us get this clear. It isn’t just all about little carved figurines. It is anything that keeps God out of first place in your lives. Idolatry can sneak into our lives as other people, jobs, education, sex, hobbies, or sports.


Have you allowed idols to take God’s place in your life?


Father, Thank You for your love and patience with us. Thank You for forgiving us when we allow things to take Your place. Help us to be careful how we live and to Love you above all else. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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