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There are more and more children in our communities who, if “unchurched,” are likely to be woefully ignorant of Jesus and the wonderful message of the Gospel. It used to be that there was at least one family member who went to church. Now we’re in a generation where often nobody in a family has ever been inside of a church. The un-churched children in our communities in some cases represent the third generation of their family that has never attended church and the situation is escalating and it is predicted that in the year 2020, only 183,700 children aged under -15 will attend church. This leads to serious concern when you consider the current population of children in the UK is 11,829,780.

Another recent survey by the Bible Society showed almost one in three children (29%) did not know ‘The Nativity’ was part of the Bible and around a quarter of children indicated that they have never read, seen or heard Noah’s Ark.

These statistics alone underline the importance of this enormous mission field that needs reaching now and not only in the UK but throughout the world where in many countries the situation is much the same.

That is why we at Trueway kids desire to help equip local churches in their outreach to unreached children. We believe that each child should have the opportunity to build a relationship with Jesus, no matter what their background!

Our aim is to help in any situation where our contribution could make a change! For the last two years we have been working with un-churched children in one of the most deprived area of the UK and we have been witnessing God’s hand of blessing on the work there.

Seeing children reconnect with Jesus is the greatest reward we could ever receive, and we want to share what we have been doing with other local churches and help you also reach the un-churched children in your community.

Our aim in to help equip local churches by offering support in four area.

  1. Supplying teaching materials specifically designed for the non-churched.

  2. Running week long holiday clubs to launch and promote children’s ministries

  3. Connecting people and churches for short and long term mission placements.

  4. Training in biblical based children and youth work.

Our first teaching material will be available soon as is a football (soccer) based holiday club. 


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