But I trust in you, LORD; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hands; deliver me from the hands of my enemies, from those who pursue me. – Psalm 31:14-15

Throughout life, we are called to trust in something. When we feel unwell and visit the doctor, we are called to put our trust in the diagnosis. If we have a legal problem we are called to trust our lawyer to represent us. When we place our money in the bank, we trust them to look after it maybe invest it. We trust that our employer will pay us at the end of the month and that our government will fulfil their civic responsibilities. The problem with each of the above, however, is that we all know someone who has been left down by at least one of them. Furthermore, the more people disappoint us, the harder it becomes for us to trust.

As Christians, how confident are we in God’s help to save us, sustain us and bless us? Do we truly understand that our life is in the hands of God? We are so confident in what the world has to offer, especially in times of emergency that we often only think of going to the Lord after we have exhausted all other avenues of help. As a matter of fact, we often treat prayer as the last resort of help when nothing else seems to work.

Far too often we trust God to save us in eternity, but we do not trust Him in the here and now. His grace never changes. He should be the first person we turn to, not our last resort. This Psalm makes a simple declaration, “But I trust in you, LORD.’ Are these the words that come to your mind when faced with a hard situation? When things seem to confuse and overwhelm? Sadly, they are not always mine, but they should be.


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