Monday, 26 June , 2017

Monthly Mission Focus

I was recently at a mission centre and listening to all the different missionaries they support and mission trips they make around the world.

I have had a heart for missions since a child and previously had travelled all around Europe and other parts of the world, involved in missions, but since God has called me to serve in Gurnos, Wales. Gurnos has rightly been my focus and as such I have been unable to travel, support and encourage other missionaries around the world as much I was able to do previously.

With this in mind and a heart for missions, I have been praying for a way engage in world missions once again and feel the following is a way I can do this.

Some years ago I started this website as blog, where I would write daily devotional for my own discipline more than anything else. Over the years this has grown to where my website now has a large subscriber list for email devotionals, 8,000 visitors a day to the site and this year is scheduled to have 2 million unique visitors.

As I was praying about world missions, I felt God guiding me to use this website as a tool, to promote the work others are doing around the world, encouraging other to pray for their work and raise awareness of support needs. So my plan from July onwards to each week have a ‘mission focus’, where I share information about a ministry and prayer request for each day of that month.

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  1. It’s good to see initiatives such as this. That only happen when we realise the Christ’s cause is for all peoples and countries. And we are part pf that! I am excited and longing to see wha’s coming, and will be a privilege to join what the Lord is doing.

  2. Top demais….Orando aqui.

  3. It’s so great to find people with a heart burning for missions like the Father’s heart! May God bless this initiative! The body of Christ around the hole word can be connected through this. God bless you, jon!

  4. Isadora - Brazil

    God bless your plans Jon. I will be praying for you. 🙂

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