Wednesday, 22 February , 2017


4th July celebration

New Hope Church from Atlanta, GA, USA, came to help us at Gurnos Christian Centre for the week. So we thought a great way to reach the community would be to invite them to celebrate the 4th July with the USA team. We ate some typical american food, fried chicken, bbq, potato salad, apple pie etc

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The Transform Team

Last week we had the privilege of hosting the transform team from Holland Rd, Baptist Church here at Gurnos Christian Centre. Here is a quick preview video of their thought on their time here.  

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Madeira -West side

Today we had the chance to take a tour of the west side of the island. We took a minibus with 12 other people and had a sightseeing tour and stopped off at some small towns and villages along the way, below are some photos and a video. Enjoy.  

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Our Wedding

Dani and I got married on the 24th March at Park Baptist Church in Merthyr Tydfil. I hope to upload some photo soon, but fore the moment here is a preview video for you to see. Hope you enjoy.  

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29th February 2012 – perseverance

[audio:|titles=Devotional for 29/02/12] Today is a special devotional because of the leap year and we will be looking at 2 Corinthians 4:1-18. As a test I have included a new audio version – you will see the link above. I hope soon to get some better equipment and make my devotionals available daily as a podcast also. Let me know if you …

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Making plans for life, not just another year

On a rainy afternoon in 1940, a fifteen-year-old dreamer named John Goddard pulled out a piece of paper and wrote My Life List at the top of it.  In one afternoon, he wrote down 127 life goals.  By the time he had turned fifty, John Goddard had accomplished 108 of his 127 goals.  And they were no garden-variety goals. Milk a poisonous …

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