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I’d love to help you read, understand and apply God’s Word

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today’s  Devotion

Two encounters with the Ark

Uzzah and David encounter the Ark—one in death, one in dance. Uzzah was dead to the aliveness of God, while David was alive to God. David had learned to live openly, trustingly, passionately and exultantly before God. Rather than seek to control God, David sought to submit to God’s will. Our lives must do the same.


I grew up in church, and always understood the importance of reading the Bible. I knew that the Bible was God’s Word and by reading it, we hear God speaking to us. Nevertheless, I often found myself either rushing through my daily Bible reading or skipping it all together.  In 2011, I started writing my devotions on this daily blog as a way to hold myself accountable. Over time, as I allow God to speak through His Word each day, I found myself writing more and getting excited to sit down and enjoy my quiet time. I became passionate about listening to God speak freshly to me through His Word and encouraging other to do the same.

Above: me with my wife Dani and son Timothy.

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